District Brew Yards Advent Calendar: Day 14

Bold Dog Motivator

Bold Dog Motivator

Coffee Doppelbock
9.0% ABV
20 IBU

Clear, light brown body beneath a frothy off-white head. Surprisingly light in color to my eye, but that’s ok. Fairly sweet, but clean, aroma of caramel, latte, brown sugar, and some booze. The body, like the color, is a little light, but it’s easy drinking for the weight. It’s not the greatest example of the style, and it defied my expectations a bit, but I’ve grown to enjoy it over a few cans. The sweetness prevents any real roast flavor from the coffee to shine, but it’s clearly got coffee. It’s not a balanced beer, but it’s that’s ok. It’s still tasty. The alcohol and sweetness battle it out. I would love to try a version with more coffee added, to see what happens.