District Brew Yards Advent Calendar: Day 8

Around the Bend Uncle Ebenezer

Around the Bend Uncle Ebenezer

Dark (Pseudo-)Lager
5.4% ABV
26 IBU

Not sure what to think about this one. It’s the pseudo-lager bit that gets me. Considering just the liquid, I think it’s a clean, tasty, drinkable dark beer. Not too heavy, good flavor, quaffable. Some chocolate notes, but far from too sweet. There’s a little bite of bitterness to balance, but totally manageable. A little bit roasted, too, but all very nice and restrained. I guess it’s cool that you can get a lager-like profile in an ale. Maybe it’s just the front of the label calling it a “Dark Lager” that gets me. Or maybe I just need to relax and have a beer. Good thing this tasty one is available.