1. Micropub Endpoint: Part 1

    Continuing updates on adding a Micropub endpoint to this very site.

    After sorting out the questions surrounding the initial design, I was ready to begin building. I did some updating and extending of the code in place for authenticating with my domain using IndieAuth. That is now working correctly. I am able to log into the Indie Web site and Quill using Indie Auth. It’s pretty darn great.

    Logging into Quill is one thing, but actually posting with it is something altogther different. I am up to the point in the process where I have received an access token from Indie Auth that is tied to Quill and with scope for creating and updating my site. I can validate that token by sending a request to Indie Auth and parsing the response. Next I need to send the appropriate response back to Quill to allow or deny access.

    Assuming everything up to this point is working correctly, the next step is accepting the posts to the micropub endpoint, parsing the posted data, and then creating or updating blog posts with that data. That will be the focus of the next post in this indeterminately long series on adding a Micropub endpoint to

    Finally, I made a couple of other modifications to the site over the past couple of days, so I thought I’d share them. First, the RSS feeds for this site had been broken for who knows how long. That is no longer true; I’ve fixed them. Both the traditional and alternate versions are working again. Also, the robots.txt file was not being properly delivered to curious consumers. That has been fixed.

    A few little gems to make the site better, while also incrementally getting closer to a Micropub endpoint. Not bad, if I do so say myself.